Friday, April 30, 2010


Every payday, I take money to put on the wii. I only have to take it bi weekly but I get paid weekly so I put my down on it every payday. I believe within two weeks I will have it.
I have slowly been cleaning up the basement to try to extend it to be part of the living again. I have made some great progress, but have more work to do. Somethings, it's just cleaning. Other things, it's furniture and stuff that I want for down there.
I put the basic system down. I didn't get any extras, because I didn't want the payments to be too high. For those who have have a wii is there anything that you would suggest is a must? Or any games that are cool?
I have been saving spare change and I believe I am going to use that for a used TV for the basement. I was thinking that we will probably rent games at first. I feel that way, I can keep the game playing to a limited, because I want them to concentrate on school and going outside. So, far, my ten year old still goes to play outside. Not having cable tv helps.


BB said...

There are lots of fun games for the wii, BUT the games that the console comes with are super fun themselves and will provide hours of entertainment! Hours! We played regularly for about a year on just the games it came with. Have fun and congrats on saving up for it!


Anonymous said...

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