Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my good stuff

I actually made it to the Ymca four times in one week. Bye bye hot tub.
I got a few extra hours even though I didn't want to work.
I have taken a couple walks with my dogs.
I picked some lilac flowers from a bush. sshhh don't tell.
I got a call from Pam. She was my math teacher from high school. I love her.
I get to watch my two male bunnies kiss.
My mp3 player continues to give me motivation to walk or do things around the house.
My husband's job is going good.
We have made up a routine on how to reward and punish behavior in my ten year old. It seems to be helping.
We bought some tomato plants and a cucumber plant.
I enjoyed the Meld dinner with my kids.
My husband mowed the lawn.
My basement is starting to come back to life.
I think I found the reason my son came home wanting to eat everything in sight and fixed it.
My son does his home work with less of a fight.
Alex has a girlfriend. Ok, that one is scary lol
Next month, marks one year since my husband quit drinking.

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BB said...

nice! Congrats on all the above, esp the one year anniversary!