Monday, April 12, 2010

I live in America. I speak and write only in English. I respect that there are so many languages in this world that, I can't even begin to understand. I have never had any desires to learn another one. If I decided to learn one other language it would probably be American sign, because I know some signs from when my son was non verbal until the age of five. My best friend is Mexican and sometimes I find myself feeling odd as the only white person in the place and I can't understand them. I really don't think that I can learn another language. Sometimes, my pronunciation of some words just don't come out right.
Recently, I have had links to blogs in another language and comments in different ones too. I respect that those languages are the equal as mine if that's what they speak and write. But, if you are reading something in English then comment back to me in English. I can't read it in any other language. I know some people can speak in more than one and more power to them. It' a waste of your time to comment in another language to me or link a blog to me that is in another language.


Leah said...

I always receive comments in what looks like an Asian language. I obviously don't know what it says, and wonder if it's just spam? Too weird though.

Jensboys said...

Its spam ...some followers just generate spam