Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My good stuff

I was able to buy my son some summer clothes.
The weekend with both of my son's home went pretty well.
I was asked to work on Easter and made double pay.
Sunday, I met my sister for some ice tea.
Monday, my sons and I met my Dad and my sister for some tea, coffee, soda.
My sister joined myself and my kids for a cook out at the park. We had a good time.
Babysitting at meld was fun.
Ann, my big dog, is so loyal and clingy. Always at my side. I love it.
My husband chipped in some money and Stephen and I went to see The diary of a wimpy kid. It was the first movie that I have been to in over a year.
Stephen put up less of a fight to do some school work yesterday. ( I am trying to home school during the break as a trial run for home schooling instead of summer school)
We have had rain. It will be good for the trees and flowers.
Our apple tree has new growth even though it's on it's side. It was blew down but not totally apart and my husband wanted to see what would happen.
I have new followers on my blog.
Both our jobs have been doing pretty well.
I have been able to put money on a wii that I put on layaway for our family. shhhh it's a secret.
I read a good book. It was called beautiful boy by David Sheff. It was a father's journey through his son's drug addiction.


Leah said...

Love your list. And good for you for treating you and a son to a movie. I saw the previews and it looked hilarious. :-D

Pam said...

That is a great list. You just might motivate me to start making one.

One item on your list was that you read a good book. That reminded me - Thank you for the recommendation for Praire Tale. I read it as often as I could until I finished it.

Baby Wanted said...

I'm taking my cousin to see that movie tomorrow! Glad you liked it and were able to finally go to a movie! I can't wait to hear the family's reaction when you surprise them with the Wii!