Thursday, April 15, 2010

my good stuff

Stephen is beginning to learn dividing and I was able to help teach it.
My husband bought instant lottery tickets and he won 120 between two of them and split them with me.
My mp3 player started working after being broke from me dropping it in soda.
It's warm outside.
I seen my Dad this week.
I have three very good dogs.
My son has a tutoring club that he goes to and loves it.
Stephen is making some huge gains in his education.
I have a Y membership.
Sunday, I took my dog for a long walk on the bike path and she doesn't mind that I have her wear saddle bags to carry stuff for me.
My husband bought a grill and has been cooking on it.
I seen Tyler Perry's why did I get married too movie at the theater with a good friend of mine.
I have a good husband that doesn't try to control my time.
I can hear the birds singing.

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