Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Izzy

It's hard to think that in the next month, you will graduate from high school. I don't feel as if it's been that long since I last held you, but I guess it has been. Attending, high school, wasn't an easy task for me. I didn't adjust very well in school, because of all the moving my family did. My last three years of school was spent at an alternative school. It was the best move for me. I no longer had to change schools based on where I lived in the city. All the teachers were great, but I am in contact with one today. I just love her.
It took me a long time to tell people that I didn't graduate at one of the local high schools. I think people think that I didn't have to work as hard. In a way, they are right. I only went to school, fie hours a day and didn't have to put up with PE and homework. I still had to earn credits to graduate though. My graduation celebration was nothing compared to the big schools. But it was still nice.
I think what I am wanting to get at is that I am so proud of you. You made it. Enjoy these last few days, getting ready for Senior Prom and graduation. Look forward to college. Go and achieve your dreams. Reach for the stars.
Second, I want you to accept you for you. Don't feel like being you isn't good enough or feel like that people will judge you if you express yourself. You have a bright future ahead of you. I love you so very much and I want the best for you.

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