Friday, April 23, 2010

America the land of the free?

Today, people are way too quick to sue other people and businesses. When do we has as a society start life without the goal of making quick buck. Sometimes, people are going to get hurt and that is just life and why do we need to profit from every little thing.
I have had several experiences with my kids that people have asked why don't you sue? Why should I? Twice, my son was bit by a dog. We had medical insurance and it wasn't anything major. Yes, it was scary, but did I really need to make someone pay?
Once, my son fell of a swing, at school and broke his arm. It wasn't a break that I could see and I thought my son was over reacting and was upset over taking him to the hospital, because it looked okay. Yea, it was fractured and it took part of our day away. We had insurance and my son got to wear a red cast. Did we need to make thousands of dollars of the school? No.
This year, same son, was hit in the head at gym. He suffered a bump on his head and again we had medical insurance and all is ok? Should I have sued the school?
I saved my biggest chance of a law suit for last. Stephen, my youngest son, is developmentally delayed and learning disabled. We are making huge gains this year, but that's not the point. At his last appointment, the Dr said that in a lot of cases like my sons it's from an injury in birth. I suspected something wasn't right with him from the beginning. But, I accept my son, as he is and didn't make a fast buck.

We also live in a society where if I put my hand in the neighbors fence and their dog bites me, I could sue them. If I didn't put my hand in the fence then, I wouldn't get bit so therefore, I don't think, I have a right to sue. If you allow your child to play outside and they fall on someone's driveway, the owners shouldn't be sued. I could go on and on about unfair lawsuits are taking away our rights to make our own call about our life and the risks we want to take.

You are probably wondering where I am going with this post. Well, let me tell you why it's on my mind.

I have a membership at the Ymca. We enjoy a lot that it has to offer including the pool. After, I work out, I love to soak to the hot tub. I would drive there just for that, but that seems a little silly When, I am sad, depressed, mad or just plain sore, I soak in the hot tub and life looks so much better. It's almost like you get a night without worries.

Maybe you all have heard of this already, but there is a new mandated law that will make all swimming pools to have a major repair on them to change the drains. I think I read somewhere that a child was sucked into the drain, but it confuses me, because why would the child been in the pool if it was draining. So, the Ymca, won't have the pools for five weeks while they make this repair work. Also, this affects the hot tub. It's just too much money for them to fix it so they are getting rid of it. But there is more to it. The hot tub is in the locker rooms and their isn't a life guard to watch over it. This is becoming an issue with the insurance companies and the Y has to listen to what the insurance company says. So, because we could drown in 2 1/2 feet of water and they don't want to pay someone to watch it, this would be after the repair on the drain, then they have to close it and close it is what they are doing.

So, I ask people, am I the only one willing to take my own life into my hands? If I drown in 2 1/2 feet of water, I wouldn't expect my family to sue and I would hope yours wouldn't either. It's an 21 and older locker room. When can we judge our own bodies and make safe decisions and not expect a pay out should something happen? When do we draw the line? People need to watch us shower, because we might fall? Or what about the saunas and steam room? They can be health risks too? What about the climbing things at the Y? I believe my son's have a greater chance of being injured from a fall then I would of drowning in the hot tub? We could fall down the stairs at the Y? Do I feel that they should pay for my injury, because I fell.

I talked to someone at the Ymca and she said it's because not everyone thinks like me. Too many people are trying to get money over accidents. They are the ones causing all the loss of our freedom to choose. I know there are some cases where people should pay. If my son's damage someone's property by throwing a ball on accident, I should cover the damage. Do I think they should get rich of it? No. I understand car accidents happen and the person at fault should pay damages and injuries, but that's what insurance is for? Do I believe people should walk away with millions? No.

This issue isn't going to just affect the Ymca or just my city. It's nation wide and I am fed up. Will our park district be able to get the pools up to code? They only charge a few dollars to get in. It's a low cost fun summer retreat for families to go to. Not very many people can afford a pool in their backyard or hot tubs. I told my husband to buy me a hot tub, but I know we don't have that kind of money. I understand that there are incomes at all different levels and we all can't have a pool, but can the people who still want to have fun and create summer memories have access to a pool.

I am not trying to make small of someone injury or death. It's sad if there was a freak accident. But when can we make choices for ourselves. We put on life on the line every time we get in a car. I have an higher chance of killing myself driving than I would in a pool or hot tub. I don't see anyone getting rid of cars. There are recalls and such, but no one can build the perfect car that will hold up in every accident.

We are losing so much because of lawsuits. It's just plain sad. It makes me so ticked off. Before, we know it the Government and the insurance companies will be controlling are every move. I don't know about you, but I thought America was the land of the free. I think it's time we take the country back and stop with the lawsuits. I am finished now. In three days, the hot tub will be closed. It was something that really has made a difference in my struggle and I will miss it. I wish I could say that I am going to go buy my own hot tub, but that's just not something that I can afford.


Leah said...

The incident you are talking about was really quite tragic.

A girl was in the kiddy pool, and the water was not draining, however, all drains in pools have certain amount of suctions involved. This 3 or 4 year old little girl was playing in the pool, and the power of one of the drains pulled her onto it and she couldn't get off. It ended up pulling almost her entire intestines out of her body.

She became seriously handicapped after that, and eventually, died. at the age of I believe 5.

It was completely preventable if pools just had the proper maintenance. I know a lot about this story because it happened in my home town and got national attention.

I agree that suing happens way too easily, but in this situation, I think it's completely justified.

birthmothertalks said...

Wow! How sad.

kalibug said...

Yeah, put "pool drains and kids" in google. This is one reason Kali never played in a kiddy pool cause she would go to the drain and want to sit on it.

I agree on the lawsuits part. We have had our share of "we could sue" things, and one recently. We just made sure people knew it should never happen again. BUT when there is a serious injury, I think the only reason that companies will change is if there is a lawsuit so they lose credibility due to media coverage, and money due to them not wanting to lose money, and so companies and people can also learn from their mistakes.

Yet, in America if something happens, sue, sue, sue seems to be everyone's answer.