Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The following paragraphs are from what I wrote on the blog that I share with family. I want to add more to it on here, but don't want to start over.

Tonight, Meld held a dinner for Volunteers to show their appreciation. I got to eat some pizza for free and got a few small things. I paid for Will and Tyler to eat, because I want to expose this to volunteering and it makes me feel good to make them a part of something that I enjoy. They seem to enjoy going.
After, the dinner, we went to the day care room to watch the children. At first, only one child was there. I was actually impressed. All the other Mom's attempted to hang out with their kids during the presentations. Then, one by one, they brought them in.
There is this one little girl. I will call her Ella on my blog. I think she might make an appearance again. She is a beautiful little girl. She likes to be held a lot. I took on that job. I just loved it. I almost felt guilty for not helping out enough with the other kids, but she was so sweet. I already got it in my mind to want to buy her clothes and toys when my money allows it. I probably will resist, because I don't want the Mom to feel like I am giving her a hand out. I know the babysitting is to help the Mom's and by taking care of their babies that is what I am doing, but I feel like I am the lucky one. They don't even know me and trust that Meld only allows people that they can trust to volunteer. It warms my heart just spending a little time holding her close to me. She get mumbling. mmnnn mmmnnn. It reminded me of cookie monster eating cookies. mmnnnnn
I probably will get into buying the children things, but can't really just choose Ella to get them. I will support Meld and let them decide how to pass the items out. I think that might be the best thing. I am so happy that I have found this program to help. I am done having children and don't really desire starting over. (not that I can if I want to) but it's nice to play then send them on home with their Mommies.

Today's print is in blue. I have been volunteering for Meld for five weeks now. I really love it. All the children are a different race than me and that took a little time to get used to. Another post for another day though.
Most the children that have been there every week, are walkers but little language skills yet. Then, you have a two year old, that can talk well, but is pretty quiet until get gets going. Then, their is a 4 year old that is a little harder to control. But that isn't the point of this post.
It makes me so happy to be helping this program. We got to hear some of the stories of the Mom's and how Meld helped them change their life around.
These Mom's are all getting the chance to be a Mom, because meld is giving them the assistance that they need. I know that not all young parents can be so lucky.

I got to thinking about how I wish I could be around Ella more. How I wish I could baby sit an hour here and there for her or another little girl. How I could buy her a dolly or dress, but it's not fair to choose one child and give gifts. Maybe my wishful thinking is because I want to experience some girl moments since I didn't get to raise a girl. Or maybe because I am not closes to my sister's four girls, because they live a 12 hour drive away. I had just learned how to drive and was starting to get closer to her and her kids when they moved away.

I wish I could tell the Meld people that I am free during the day and that if any of the Mom's is interested then they could talk to me and learn more about me and maybe they can rely on me once in a while, but honestly I am mostly interested in the little girls. So, you could say that I have selfish reasons.

My ideal dream would be able to make a connection with one or two Mom's and sort of adopt them in as close friend or family. I can't quite explain it, but just be someone who could at times babysit their kids or take them out to the park. I know it's all wishful thinking and as of right now, I am just going to keep on going to babysit at the Monday classes.


Leah said...

I'm so happy that this volunteering is a happy experience for you. It would be so hard not to get attached to some children more than others.

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