Wednesday, April 21, 2010

my good stuff

I have had a really bad week. You could say that I had a set back. Some of it adoption related and some of it, I over react because of my experiences over the years. I am trying to come out more but it's hard, but going to try to do my good stuff post anyways.

I made it to the Ymca three times this week.
I attacked the flowers in the front yard and got it ready for some new ones that my husband is going to buy me.
I attacked the carpet on the stairs. ( pulled it up) and cleaned up more of the basement.
My balance on the wii is less than 100.00 now.
My Dad has stopped over twice this week.
My son who has weird ways of being obsessed about stuff is going on and on about math.
I have a really good friend Rachel, who has a Y membership too.
I had a really good weekend with my sons and was able to use a pass to get his friend in the Ymca.
I read a few different good books but the only one that I still have to name is Ithaka A Daughter's Memoir of being found.
I soaked in the hot tub at the Y (it's being shut down after this week) :(
I have a fellow birthmom who really gets me and has had many of the same experience.
I have a great adoption counselor who says that what I have been going through is very normal.
I have an awesome cell phone plan that even without a home phone, I don't feel restricted on how much that I can talk.
I have been seeing facial expressions in my son that remind me of my brother. Isn't biology just weird. We see my brother but not that much and I see my brother in my son.

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