Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scrap book ideas

I haven't really worked on my daughter's book in a while. I don't feel the strong need to do it or I will go nuts. I want to continue working on it, but I am pretty much fresh out of ideas. I have a couple more up my sleeve, but haven't taken the time to really focus on the book.
The book is mostly about me, but of course others are in my life so some family is in there too. I don't have too much extended family in there for a couple reasons. I tried to get pictures of my aunts and uncles from one aunt who most likely kept the best photos, but every time I asked, I get I will work on it. She is kind of elderly so I know it can't be her top concern.
A lot of it is my boys. I don't want to overdue it with them, but it's hard not to share. I don't know what will be too much. I have been trying to get more pictures taking of me. I normally am the one with the camera. I guess I feel that at this point if I focus on pictures of me then it's going to get boring.
I have done a few of my pets. I have been creative and have drawn. My few ideas in my head are adding the birthday pictures, my doll collection and maybe even throw in the famous cabbage patch era of the time I was growing up. I have got the perfect picture. My two cabbage patch dolls around my son's cabbage plant. I am planning on to continue to add the letters that I write on here in the book. Any one have any more ideas on what I can add to the book? I feel like it's starting to take a boring turn. I don't want to create the book to just create. I want it to have a meaning.

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