Monday, September 21, 2009


Enough time has passed that I can assume that Izzy's birthday card didn't get returned to sender. I didn't expect an answer from anyone so I can honestly say that I am not upset. I do wonder did they pass the card along or did they stash it or throw it away. I also wonder about the pictures from the past two letters I sent did they pass them along or trash them. I could have sent the card directly to her, but since she is still in high school, I thought I would show them the respect of giving them the option. The card was an really pretty pink card and it said I thought it was perfect for adoption, but not really for adoption.

On your birthday
You are all the memories,
People, and places
that have made you
who you are....

You are
a million precious things,
and a hundred different reasons
to smile and wish and dream about...

All the people you know and love
are thinking about you.

I thought this card and these words honored everyone in her life past and presence. It honored myself and her birthfather and the family traits passed down from generations. It honored her upbringing with her adoptive parents. It honored her schooling and her friends, just every person who has touched her life. Most of all, it told her that ALL THE PEOPLE, who know and love her are thinking about her.

Did she get this card? I wonder? I hope so. All I know is that I did what I thought was right. I let a young lady know that I have not forgot about her or have I stopped thinking and loving her.

I still can't quit find the right words to express how the picture on facebook is affecting me. My client was playing a Christian radio station yesterday, so I got to listen to comforting music for about 12 hours and after she went to bed, I just thought about the situation and how it makes me feel and I know my thoughts get twisted and I should just enjoy, but I can't. So I shed a few more tears to fill that ocean.


RB said...

The card sounds perfect. You couldn't have chosen a better one.

kalibug said...

The words in the card are beautiful! Praying comfort for you!

mama2roo said...

A perfect card. I hope you are keeping copies of everything you have sent just in case she's not getting it, in hopes that someday you can show her...

call me mama said...

It might be nice to get her a blank card- and write these heartfelt words in it for her. A personal note- you could say you read it somewhere and wanted to share it with her. Written in her mother's hand might go a long way in her having a connection to you. Just a thought. We are always asking our son's first families to write to the boys. We share what they write and include it in their books for future days.