Friday, September 25, 2009

Dreams are weird, but sometimes nice. My experience as a birth mom, I really can't say that I dream about my daughter. How can you dream about someone you don't know. Last night, I had a dream, I talked to Izzy on the phone and then I met her. She was married to some famous rock star and had 5 kids. I really hope that at 18 she doesn't have kids. However, even with her 5 kids, I loved her just the same. I didn't want to wake up. In my dreams, I had my daughter. In reality, I don't. I do have two awesome boys and a husband who is loves me and my marriage is getting stronger. So I guess I need to take others advice and look at what I do have and not just what I don't have. I do wonder though would these same people tell someone mourning the death of a loved one the same thing? But with death, there is some closure. It's over with and done. My daugher is creating memories without me. I feel that part of my family is living else where.

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