Monday, August 1, 2011

retreat offer

I blogged about an offer for a retreat. You can read about it here. The retreat offer has been hanging over my head every since I found out about it. I really want to go cause I really feel like I need a break away from my family. I hope that doesn't sound bad.

It's was also kind of scary. I have never been away from home from my husband or kids. They have gone and been without me but not the other way around.

I find comfort that it's in the same town and we will probably drive by there sometime to see it with my own eyes. I find comfort that it's a retreat center and not a huge hotel that I would fear getting lost in.

I got a little extra money cause my home owners insurance decided to almost double the rate and it was paid out of my escrow but I wasn't happy about my home loan payment going up so I found insurance for a much cheaper rate and fired the old company. When they were sorry that they couldn't keep me as a customer. I said, "I am sorry too, but my pay rate hasn't doubled and I can't allow yours too."

So, my husband told me to pay for my retreat. I had to call and see if their was room still for one person before I sent off the check. So, it's not a while yet, but I will be going on the retreat for Mom's of special needs children.

So, I am excited about the retreat but kind of sad that summer is coming close to an end. I am not looking forward to my youngest being in middle school.

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