Saturday, August 6, 2011

I never got around to blogging about my volunteering night for MELD last week. It was just my sister and I and nine children. All but three were babies. A couple of the babies were walking but in my eyes they are still babies. The other children were between 2 and half up to five years of age.

It was a crazy night. We had to call the driver to come help us with the babies. A lot of them were crying and he said he was going to see about getting a volunteer from another night to come help on Monday night. He actually said, he wondered if the children didn't know how to react or relate to us because he doesn't know how many of them see white people. I was a little offended but I know that I have had many children snuggle with me. I have has many children smile and be happy. Yea. I have had some screamers too though.

One baby puked on my sister and I was trying to take care of two babies and for the life of me all I wanted to do was laugh. I controlled my giggles cause I didn't want to tick my sister off. Well, it didn't pay for me to laugh at her getting puked on cause one of the babies I was dealing with puked on me.

We had a couple babies including a newborn that we hadn't seen yet. I love seeing the new babies but in reality it's another young parent trying to balance life as a new Mom so it's not all good.

I was shocked to see that one of the babies that I started taking care of when he was about six weeks old has learned how to walk. It's pretty cool watching the babies go from new born to crawlers to walkers and now one of the young children is currently getting potty trained.

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