Monday, August 8, 2011

Sleep away camp

We signed up my youngest son for camp at a local park that was one a battle ground for training for the world war 2. It was called camp grant. This environmental park has been doing field trips for schools ranging just one day to a sleeping there for a few days with the school. I stayed there but don't recall how many days. It was sort of a scary thing but a very cool thing to do.

I dropped my son off this morning and on Thursday night we have family night and on Friday afternoon he comes home. My son is special needs but doesn't need a lot of help. But there were keeping his issues in mind and said they would place in the group that could give that support.

I am a little nervous with him being gone at camp. Mostly, I think I will really miss him. I was a little worried that his appetite would cause him to feel like he was being starved to death but with our new snacking routine things have slowly improved. He sometimes would wait an hour or two after breakfast to ask for his snacks of the day and the fighting and pleading for food has gone down quite a bit. Actually, on Sunday, he forgot to ask at all and didn't have snacks between meals.

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