Saturday, August 20, 2011

My job has put me in some interesting clients over the five years. I have seen things that I would most likely ever be a part of. My client lives in a retirement community and donated a large sum of money for a chapel onsite and they made a big deal out of it and basically I was able to sit by her at the Groundbreaking event. The mayor and other important people were there too.

My client was able to turn dirt with the shovel but I didn't go up there with her. I let a strong man take her up there. I think that gives her more dignity than having a caregiver help her. Even though, I am not super religious, I thought it was a lovely way thing to do and I loved her thoughts on how she might as well donate it while she was alive to see it being done.

It seems just when I get bored and frustrated with my job something comes along to renew my spirits to keep on doing caregiving. It's not an easy job. One thing, that can be hard is that we are expected to talk to them as we are friends but we are not ever suppose to say anything sad or anything that could be negative about our lives. Sometimes, I feel like we could just make up a life and be whoever we want to be for that day or the days ahead.

As of right now, I will be seeing this lady on a very regular basis so that really means basically doubled my paycheck for the week and/or weeks to come. When it comes to the elderly one never really knows how the future will go down.

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A Life Being Lived said...

I didn't know you were a caregiver! Gosh that makes a lot of sense. Wow you have such a huge heart! It must be hard sometimes and emotionally tough when you also have your own full life with kids and marriage as well! It doesn't surprise me one bit. People like you seem to have an endless supply of compassion and giving. The world needs more of you. Bless you.