Monday, August 15, 2011

Do black children relate better to black caregivers or does it not matter

I am asking that question cause the ME@LD driver suggested that we would have a easier time with the children if he brought in a black volunteer that does it on another night.

She came today and I recalled his earlier comment. I lost track at how many children we had but most the children were pretty well behaved and if they cried they were easy to calm down. One of the children actually tried to hide from her. I really don't see how a child or two that has been in my care each week for a year or more could suddenly like her better because of skin color.

I personally believe that some of the children want me over my sister and the other volunteers is because I am a Mom. I think children can sense the experienced Mom. I don't mean to suggest that my sister isn't good with the kids and that they don't like her. They are getting used to her and love to be held by her. It didn't happen overnight with me, my sister or this volunteer.

When it was over the driver asked how it was with the new girl and I said it's always nice with a 3rd person. It's just a fact. Three childcare workers (volunteers) is better than two. Just like two was better than one when I was the only one there for a long time.

I don't think this is so much about color as it about him not wanting to be called back to help take care of the children. Whatever it is though I like having the 3rd person. I am just not going to play into it that the children will relate to her better if a black person is there.

I don't blame him. He drives the Mom's and the babies around. He wants his free time while they are in group.

My husband thinks his comments are rude and it should be brought up. But I have to see him each week and I don't want to stir trouble so I rather just blog about it.

Just for the record. I don't mean any offense and I hope nobody takes this the wrong way. I agree a 3rd person is helpful but I don't agree that a screaming baby that isn't feeling well, wants his momma or is just going through a state of separation anxiety. Most of the babies that do this screaming about between the ages of 7 or 8 months baby up to a year. Most of the time even though they are screaming in your ear they don't want to be put down. I have had the same babies grow up and get past that stage and still sometimes craved to be held but without the screaming.

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