Monday, August 22, 2011


I skipped my normal Monday routine of volunteering for ME*LD cause my son had a back to school event for 6th graders. It was there that my oldest son told me he attended this same middle school for the beginning of his middle school years. I am pretty shocked that I don't remember this. My only excuse is that I think this is about the same time my first husband walked away and our family fell apart.

We got back home in time that I could have ran up to the church but I had half way prepared dinner and thought that hopefully with the third volunteer (the black girl that the driver thought would connect better with the kids) would be there and it would be enough people.

My sister called me when she was finished babysitting and told me it was crazy. She was all alone and one Mom refused to leave her baby with her cause of not enough people. This resulted in the person who runs the Mom's group to call the driver in to help.

My sister said he held a sleeping baby and didn't help at all. She said she couldn't even change babies diapers cause she had too many children trying to juggle.

When she was cleaning up and leaving the lady that runs the Mom's group was waiting for her cause the driver didn't. I guess it's policy that he not leave the volunteers. I don't know how many times I was left on my own leaving the daycare.

I think the way they are treating the volunteers is just plain wrong. Most people get paid to put up with somethings but we are not paid. We give our time and while I don't always expect it to be fun and easy but they should try to keep us happy cause they can see volunteers are not easy to come by. As of right now, if my sister wasn't willing to volunteer, I would most likely quit too. I don't mind taking time away from my family and work because I love what this organization does but if I can't provide a safe environment and have even a small amount of pleasure from doing it then I won't keep giving my time.

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