Monday, April 25, 2011

Tonight, MELD held an Volunteer Appreciation and Thank you dinner for the volunteers. I brought my son along with me because he comes with me and helps a little bit with the children. I also invited my little sister. When I first invited her it was because I like to have company and it's fun to show others the MELD organization. Just a couple days ago, I got the bright idea to ask her to volunteer on Monday nights with me. I been thinking about it for a while but she was planning a move out of the city but a job fell through and she couldn't go. I know she is disappointed about not moving to start school but I am happy to have help and be able to spend more time with my sister.

I borrowed one of the Mom's baby that I take care of on Monday nights to play with him. It was really nice to be able to do that. My sister held him a little too. At first, it was just myself, my sister and my son at the table. Then, a couple of the other Mom's showed up and sat at our table. It was nice to be able to enjoy sometime with them because I really don't get to see them too much. It's just drop off and pick them up sort of deal.

They gave all the volunteers a water bottle with some goodies in it and my son wanted the candy. He said something to the point that they didn't name him as a volunteer. I told him that he volunteers but he is my helper. He came up with the term that he is the volunteer's volunteer.

Off the subject of tonight. A neighbor has been bugging me to look at baby clothes because he sees me walk my grand daughter and wants to sell me clothes. I have been off work and money is tight but to get him off my back I agreed to look. Most of it was too small for babygirl and I told him that I couldn't afford to get much because I don't have much money. However, I said, I like to buy clothes to donate them to MELD and I might want to look again when I have more money. He said for a good cause he would give me two huge trash bags full of clothes. So, as long as he still has them when I get money again, I am going to buy the clothes and wash them up and pass on more clothes to MELD.

There is also a community baby shower going on in my city for women of low income. So, if that is still going on when I get the clothing I might donate some stuff to that too. I really love washing and folding baby clothes. It reminds me of happy times when I was expecting my sons.

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