Friday, April 1, 2011

I was at work yesterday and my phone rang. It was the guy from MELD who is in charge of the groups and the volunteers. It's the first time in the year that I was called on a day that I don't volunteer. I guess neither of the volunteers showed up. For some reason they are having a hard time keeping volunteers.
I think volunteering is so important. It really lifts your spirits if your unemployed or underemployed and you have a lot of free time. It makes you feel like your doing something other than job searching. I think it will also make going back to work so much easier if you find something you can do with your time that is work like.

I have made a decision that I like babysitting children more than I do the elderly. I babysit for a church and for my grand daughter. Also, volunteer for MELD. I work three nights a week taking care of the elderly. I have applied for a job in the child care department at the local YMCA. My goal is to work less hours for the elderly and more with children. A big part of this choice is that my income depends on someone being well or not. If my client takes a turn for the worse and goes in a nursing home I lose. If they die. I lose. I have had situations where if the client gets well. I lose. One example.. was when we were working with a blind lady to assist her with learning how to do as much as possible on her own. So, in reality, if we do a good job we work ourselves out of hours. I feel shallow. I don't want to feel this way anymore.

Well, I went way off my topic but oh well.

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