Thursday, April 7, 2011

I been thinking about my frustrations with MELD and why I continue to do it. I have to admit at times I want to quit because of some of the reasons that I have mentioned.

I can't quit because I stand behind MELD. I love what they are doing. I have heard some of the happy stories of young Mom's getting their education and getting jobs. I think maybe they need to rethink some of the ways they handle things and maybe at times they need to put their foot down.

The other main reason I can't quit is because of the children. I have been with MELD for a year now and two of the children been coming for the whole year. I love watching them grow. I have been called teacher, friend and the little guy who doesn't talk much sees me and says toy toy and follows me into the nursery. I have a few other children that are on their 2nd, 3rd or 4th ten week session. So, look forward to seeing them.

I want to do something for the kids for Easter. Nothing expensive because I don't have a lot of playing money. Maybe, some chocolate bunnies or bubbles for the children. I do care about them all. I admit my favorite age is the babies. They are so sweet. They don't run and they never slip up and say something that they shouldn't have.

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