Wednesday, April 20, 2011

child care 101

I had a child come into the daycare setting with a very wet diaper and I didn't have my helper for the first ten minutes or so. I always make sure I check all the babies diapers during the hour and half they are with me. Normally, I start half way time and work my way through all the children in diapers.

I think a child should come in freshly changed and not need a diaper within the first few minutes unless they poop then that couldn't be helped. I want to see meld address this issue with the girls without pointing anyone out.

I am not the best with words when it comes to MELD because I don't want to complain. But if you were to write a 101 on having your child in a daycare what would your key points be? This would basically make the work of the child care provider be easier and therefore providing better care to the children.

I would want them to work the lesson is as it's just something we are teaching you because you need to know if you ever have your child in daycare vs. the volunteer is complaining.

I never want the Meld Mom's to think that I am judging them. I think they are awesome. I wish I could do more for them and their children. I thought of buying them all a flower for Mother's Day but I am out of work for right now. Why do I feel the desire to give so much when I am without a job. I guess it's just my nature. I love to give to others and I wonder how many of their men in their lives think to honor them on Mother's Day.

So, if your child goes to daycare or if your in the mood comment on what would be a good 101 on preparing your child for daycare please.

Off the subject of this.. Does anyone want to try Netflix for free? I have an email that says if I forward it along my friends get a free month. I am not sure if anyone can use it because I thought everyone got a free month when they start it. Well, just wanted to throw that out there. If your interested let me know.

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Jessica said...

Freshly changed is a definite. In fact if I walk my kids in and they have pooped while we were in the car, I offer to change them! I can't imagine how annoying that is!

Providing a snack or meal ahead of time (our daycare provides breakfast, but I let the kids have some dry cereal on the way to get their energy going). Avoid candy before dropping off. Make sure you provide an extra set of clothes in case of accident. Make sure you find any and all paci's, blankies, etc and have them ready for the caregiver to avoid meltdowns.

That's about it as far as getting ready. For evening visits like MELD I would think the fresh diaper and full bellies is the biggest thing that would help.