Friday, April 22, 2011


I found a few cousins on my Dad's side on Facebook. We haven't been in contact but I am "friends" with a few of them now. I have only one aunt and my grandfather in my scrapbook. For those adoptees out there I am wondering how many generations would you care to see?

Would you want to see pictures of aunts and uncles? and their children? and their children?

Would you find it weird if I included the pictures hijacked from Facebook but really didn't know the people?

Would you be more interested in seeing the younger pictures of aunts and uncles and cousins or okay with the today version of old?

I have lost my creativity with the scrapbook. I haven't picked it up in months. Maybe, it's because I have met my daughter.

I don't want to call it quits but not sure what more to include in it. I am going to put pictures from our first face to face meeting but I want to express how much that day meant to me but I can't find the words.

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