Thursday, April 7, 2011

clean slate babies

My husband was telling me a story how women are coming over from China to have babies in the USA so they can have citizenship here and in China. Some how he got on the subject that babies when first born are a clean slate. That just reminds me of how people think that adopted children could never feel loss because when they are born they are brand new and can be formed into anything.
We talked about the different races adopting children and how some children being raised with a different race do feel different and out of place. I am getting this by reading some of the blogs that are adoptees from other countries. He used the example that if a baby is born and raised in the united states even though they are citizens that they are Americans and not Chinese or whatever. He says the problems wouldn't come from within the child but from racism.

If anyone would like to tackle this one to better explain why babies born are not done with a clean slate. I am not good with this kind of stuff.

All I could think of is when you adopt a new puppy how he/she cries for his or her Mommy and brothers and sisters and if puppies can remember and cry about it then why is it so hard to think that babies can be a clean slate at birth?

It bothers me because it implies that the mother that the child is born to isn't important. Let's just get her baby and throw her away because the baby has a clean slate. It sounds like adopting and raising them as your own without any thought that the child had other parents before you.

So, if you could write my husband an email about this what would you tell him?


Adoptee said...

Hah, just send him over to read my post about white privilege. =)

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