Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last night, I was doing my Monday night routine of volunteering for MELD. There was only four children and it was so much easier. I was able to get on the kids level and play with them. I kind of just put myself down there and basically made the driver tend to the baby that wanted to be held. I tried to play with all four but the baby kept wanting to kiss "bite" the other kids and she cried when I wouldn't let her.
I spend some one on one time playing with legos with one child. These kids don't want to share the attention. The little boy of about two years old kept calling me Mommy and it was sweet so I told we have to work on saying my name.
Then, I played with another boy with a Dora the Explorer house and had fun. The other child wanted to play and I had to be stern and not let the first child push him away. It was so nice to just play and interact with the kids. 2 out of the 4 kids have been with me for a year now. I really do like them and when I am frustrated I tend to forget that and forget to do the little things.

When it was about time to go, I had them help clean up. Normally, I do it on my own but with a smaller group it's easier to get control and get them moving.

I hope for more nights of play like this.

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April said...

Sounds like a smaller group this time was just what you needed. My 2 year old calls her sister's principal "daddy", and I always say, "Yes, he's a daddy." I should probably work on teaching her his name. :)