Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Story

My first husband and I were working at McDonald's and our first son was just learning to walk. My mother n law was watching Alex and as she was walking him out of the bedroom his finger got caught in the door hinge and cute the tip of it off.

We get a phone call about this and it's from someone at church telling us that there was an emergnecy and that our son got his finger cut off in a door.

I remember, I was running the drive thru. I was getting the orders ready for the cars and my husband was in what they called the bubble taking orders. As soon, as I heard that there was something wrong with my son, I told the boss and quit taking orders. I told my husband and he contineued to take orders for what seemed like a lifetime. It was probably another 10 or so minutes. He was taking the orders and no one was filling them. I was out of my mind worried about my son. I couldn't just leave on my own because back then I didn't know how to drive.

We get there and my mother n law felt bad and it wasn't as bad as the person made it sound or as bad as I pictured it. His finger was cut off from the tip and repaired and if you look close you can see the scar.

I was suppose to meet my son and his Dad at the school to talk about other options for high school because he is failing and my ex can't make it because he can't tell his Boss no. I am going to go myself and check out this option.

But it makes me reliaze that he has never changed. He won't put his foot down for his children. He never has and probably never will.

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