Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Session four for MELD

Last night, I started my 4th ten week session with MELD. The volunteer who was there last time said, he was coming but didn't. So, the driver had to stay and help take care of the children.
There were six kids and all but one I had seen before. It was different this time. There were three girls and three boys. May, I say, the brady bunch? lol Well, anyways, the two children that tend to misbehave were there and even though I had a little girl that wants to be held and cries a lot in my arms I tried so hard to give them the praise when they were good and they really were good. We only had one break try to break out because the older one was trying to keep the two year old out of the house.

I seen the driver carrying around the diaper bag that I created for a new Mom and asked him what it was doing there and he had just thought it was a diaper bag for extras. Then, I explained how I wanted it to go to a new Mom and he said he was sorry. I said, it's okay and then he left it there. So, I took it home and knowing me.. I might have to see what else I can shove in there.

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