Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I am working on getting a new routine for the Y. I used to go Mon,Wed, and Fri. Now, I am going Tuesday night, after dinner, on my own. Wed, afternoon, with my son and my grand daughter that I am watching a few days a week. On that day, mostly we will walk around the track and both me and my son get some exercise. Then, I am going to go Friday morning after I take my husband to work. I have been going on Tuesday night for a few weeks now. The other days are where I will need to work on. Wed, might get my son's teacher mad because we are going to blow off homework to make this happen. Kids can't go to school six hours a day and be expected to sit for two hours and doing homework. So, I am going to start this regardless of what she says or does.

Well, anyways, I used the elliptical and watched the reunion show for 16 and pregnant. It's like a car wreck. I just can't help but watch it. The good thing is that I spend an hour and half on there.

First, I feel so bad for Ashley. I wish she didn't have to go through all that in the limelight of TV, but it is what she choose. However, I still really feel for her and understand what she is going through. I only hope that her aunt and uncle are as good as they seem to appear.

Second, I think MTV is very wrong. In one of the flash back scenes one of the Mom's is being physical against her baby's father. Of course, they are told how it's wrong and how you can get help and all, but how come MTV can get away with filming it. If they are watching a crime be committed and they do nothing to stop it. Are they not as guilty as the person doing the crime. Isn't that an accessory to a crime? I think MTV is just after the money and don't give a damn about these people. I really don't think this reality show is going to decrease teen pregnancies. I would hope it does but how many teens will think they should get pregnant because maybe they could go on the show and make money?

Third, I was impressed with how many fathers are in the picture and how they mentioned that there isn't much support for young fathers. That is a real gripe of my husbands. Men don't get treated fairly. I do wonder is that because they men are in it for good or are they getting paid too?

Like I said, the show is like a car wreck. I can't seem to not want to watch it. I don't have cable and if that motivates me to work out for that long then I guess I will take whatever I can get.

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