Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Routines, Rules and expecations for my house

I have mentioned that my children are growing up living full time in different households with different routines, rules and expectations. Feel free to tell me if you think we are being too strict or you think our expectations are too high.

Most of these are only applying to Stephen my ten year old son. Some of it, we are trying to put our foot down and have the same for Alex my 16 year old son. Some of it for my teen is out of my hands because he doesn't live with me.

If it's not a school day and we have no where to be the children are to remain in their room until 10 am.
Homework is to be done before TV, games and computer time. This rule has caused some fighting but when we have not had it and allowed the fun stuff first homework didn't get done.
We don't move our wii from room to room. It stays in the living room.
Children have to ask to touch our remote to the tv and to play games.
Children have their own spaces (bedroom) and is expected to not sit on the couch all day long. This could be to do that homework, watch tv or god forbid go outside. That doesn't mean that they never sit with us.
We are not the boys maids and cooks. We are expecting help. Stephen job is to set the table and at times he likes to help us cook.He also for the most part does other things he is asked. Alex doesn't really have a job and tries to refuse helping because the "I don't live here" speech. The last time, he pulled that on me because I asked him to put away the three syrups that we got out for breakfast.. "Was I didn't eat all the pancakes. Now put them away"
We made a new rule for Stephen and that is to limit his intake on calories by drinking less juice and milk. Also, we try to really put our foot down about snacks. We haven't really been enforcing anything like this with Alex, because he is thin while my ten year old isn't. However, I am thinking that both kids should follow the same rule. Just because Alex is skinny doesn't mean he needs to eat that whole bag of family size chips and have treats that his brother is told no too. Also, Alex tends to pick at his dinner like a bird where Stephen can really put food away. Sometimes, we tend to walk on egg shells and let Alex have what he wants and this causes drama between the two sons. I am trying to put my foot down more and more because it's just not right for one to be told no to ice cream and for the other one to get it.
We do not allow Stephen to stay home alone and if we were to allow Alex to babysit him. We would only allow one hour or two at the most. We don't feel that it is his job to be our babysitter.

We are not raising Stephen to be what I call a gamer. I rather he do other things with his time.

I always put Stephen's needs in front of his wants.

Well, that is all I can think of for now.

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