Monday, January 31, 2011

For the last two winters, I thought my youngest son has a condition that causes him to be sick a lot in the winter. We been seeing a Doc that wouldn't offer any treatment but would just say that my husband needed to quit smoking.

When we addressed our concerns over my sons weight. She said that he was fine but we should try to drink less juice and exercise more. After, me almost insisting she did run a thyroid test but they never got back to us on it.

This winter, has been worse for illnesses for him. A clinic that is there for those in between moments thinks my son has asthma. So, after some treatment, he has gotten a lot better.

We follow up with a new doc and he thinks too that my son has athsma because he test for his out put on breathing is too low. My son always has a stuffy nose but it's been better with the nasal spray and allergy pills. He said to quit the allergy pill and to use all the nasal spray and see what happens after we stop.

He said, my husband needs to quit smoking in the house. Oh my, this has been brought up and what am I suppose to do if he refuses?

Also, he says to brush the dogs to keep the dander down.

Basically, said that we need to try to get rid of the triggers but was clear that smoking and pets don't cause the asthma but it can trigger the attacks.

Speaking of attacks though. I have never seen my son have what I think of when I see an asthma attack. (his Dad has it) He said to only use the inhaler when he struggles with breathing. There was a time or two while sitting that my son was looking as if he was having a hard time but other than that.. how do I know if he is struggling.Will a ten year old who acts more like a age younger know to say something? He did say that he isn't talking about the I can't breathe because I ran type of thing.

He spent quite a bit of time with us and wants to see my son lose weight. He says he should eat five fruits and 5 veggies a day. Does anyone really eat that many? How can we even keep up with the expensive of that? Also, he wants my son to drink almost all water. He said, maybe give it a little bit of juice for flavor. Has anyone ever put a kid on a diet? He said that the extra weight can make breathing harder too.

I have to take my son in for a chest Xray and today he got a flu shot. I am a little scared.

I am mad at the dr who wouldn't listen to me and all she wanted to talk about was school work. But I don't feel right knowing that I was right. I would rather be wrong.

Well, I better get to brushing my three dogs. If anyone has any diet help for a kid or asthma suggestions go for it.

We been using a humidifier for two winters now. We recently bought an special filter for the furnace.


Leah said...

I'm sorry your husband is refusing to not smoke in the house. Smoke is just so bad for everyone, especially if your child has asthma. I hope he will listen to you and start smoking outside.

My advice with the diet, is try not to call it a diet. Kids in this country get overweight, and it's usually because they are drinking too many calories. Just try with baby steps, like cutting out the juice first.

Amanda said...

It's not about dieting, it is about a lifestyle change :-) Healthy changes in diet can be made by reading labels more and understanding what is in food. A lot of our pre-packaged foods have way too much fat, sodium, and sugar. You can start out on a healthy track by preparing homecooked meals so that you know what ingredients are going in and can monitor sugar, fat, and sodium and reduce the chemicals and whatnot in the food that aren't really edible but are in food any way.

I once heard someone say something to the nature of "if we spent more on eating right, we'd spent less on medical bills as a result of not eating right."

Quitting smoking is hard, but I think there's a chance everyone's health will improve if he does :-) Maybe showing him some of the research on second-hand and third-hand smoking and how it effects children will change his mind?

Patrik said...

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Life with Kaishon said...

I can't believe that the Dr. didn't listen to you when you requested help initially. That is insane.

I hope he feels better soon. Poor thing. It is the worst when they don't feel good.