Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today, I had the pleasure of hanging out with my dear friend, Pam, at her house over some snacks. I have known Pam since I was a 10th grader but it wasn't until about four years ago that I reached out to her. Well, she had reached out to me before that after I graduated but I didn't bite.
I had a great time with Pam. We talked about quite a bit of stuff. Marriage, God, pets and family and other stuff too. I was able to share with her the pictures that I took from seeing my daughter meet my sons and we talked about how sometimes I feel that because my daughter is successful in school and my oldest son is failing and my youngest son has learning disabilities that sometimes I feel like that must mean that I am a bad Mom.
She said that I wasn't a bad Mom, but I have had so many challenges that probably have made me look at parenting different and made it harder for me. It feels so good to have her in my life.
When I was getting ready to leave she said that she was glad that she followed through on her plan to have me over while her husband was away on a trip. I said that I was glad that she called because last week, I had called my Mom and said let's go have lunch. I left the message on her machine and she never called me. I told her how I was a little bugged about it and when she called me if made me feel happy. She said, she is my other Mom.

Pam has taught me so much. I can and it's okay to love someone as Mom even though she isn't family. If I can feel so much love from a woman that didn't raise me and isn't my family then my daughter is pretty lucky. I used to wonder if adoptive parents could love their children as much as children that they had given birth too. I wondered that more because my daughter's parents had a child, by birth, after her.

Well, I just wanted to share my day.

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Campbell said...

It's my belief/experience that some adoptive parents can. My dad absolutely did and the bio kid he had after my sister and I was even a boy.