Monday, January 3, 2011

Tonight, I went to babysit for MELD. This is the start of my 4TH ten week session. I really didn't get to babysit because there was a mix up and the nursery room was locked. So, I got to just hang with the Mom's and the kids while they did a pretest of some sort.
As soon as I walked in.. they all said thank you. Then, I seen a couple of the gifts were playing with the toys and I could see a couple others with the gifts still wrapped. At first, I was kind of disappointed that the gifts didn't get to them for Christmas but I was able to not only imagine the kids with the toys, I was able to see them with the toys.
It was nice to see the kids with the their Mom's. Sometimes, the Mom's drop them off so fast that it's hard to picture who belong with to. Also, it's just fun to watch them and remember how fun it was to have little kids.

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