Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hopes and Goals for 2011

  1. I need to be more patient with my sons. The ages of 10 and 16 years of age can be very hard. Sometimes, I lose my cool and talk to them in ways that could be nicer. It's not as I am cruel or anything but sometimes I could explain things better.
  2. I hope to be more responsible with money. This will cause conflict sometimes with my sons. See number one.
  3. I hope to continue to be more open talking about Izzy and adoption. My goal is that someday I will be able to help another birthmom that needs to talk to someone.
  4. Meet birthmom1986.
  5. I hope to be able to continue making it to the YMCA three days a week. This has been a bit of a struggle lately.
  6. I am working on controlling my ten year old's calorie count and hope to find time outside of school and homework for him to get some exercise in. I have already came up with a system to control his calories from juice and milk.
  7. Finish Izzy's scrapbook, get it scanned into an electronic form and give the scrapbook to her and keep the electronic form for myself. .
  8. Continue to be patient but have faith in Izzy that we will continue to build a relationship.
  9. To continue volunteering for MELD and donate items here and there but refer to number two. My goal is to provide one or two diaper bag kits to new Mom's in the year.
  10. New flooring for our living room.
  11. For us to keep up with our yard work better this summer.

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