Monday, February 2, 2009

When I first started working on Izzy's scrap book back in October I think it was. I bought this kit and it came with a thick album. It came with 15 pages which if you double up, you can make 30 different pages. I remember thinking how can I fill it up that much. It can hold more that what it came with.
Several weeks later and several dollars later from spending on art supplies, photo copies, and other stuff for the book it's all coming together. I am so full of ideas, but some of the best just comes out naturally. I am getting so much pleasure out of making the book, but at the same time I wonder if it's too much. Will she want to see tons of shots of my kids? Will she care that I included pictures of my pets? I hope she will love it. I am loving making it. We might have to fight over it. I might not want to give it up. Just kidding about the fighting.

Yesterday there was a story in the newspaper. A woman in my state gave birth and placed the child for adoption. She lied about the birthfather, she claimed rape. The child spent the first 8 months with the adoptive couple, and then went to the birthmother and now back to the adoptive couple.I believe 14 months with the birth family. The fight isn't over yet. I am so sad for the little girl. I am sad for the adoptive couple, and even sad for the birthmother. My husband said she lied and caused all of this. That part is true. But at what point to people stop fighting and let the child go because it's not right to flip flop this child. Whoever loves her the most just stop fighting and let her go. I am not the person to judge them though.
It reminds me of me though. I lied to my Mom. I claimed rape. We have never never talked about sex in any way, and I was afraid to admit that I had sex. So I continued my lie and told the judge I didn't know who the father was. I honestly at the point didn't know his last name. I couldn't pronounce it, so it didn't stick to my memory. I didn't know where he was and I had moved. So in a way I felt like I really didn't know. Of course I was young. Well anyways a couple years later Todd finds me at work, and wants to talk to me. He had heard that I had a baby and gave it up. He was pissed that I gave his child away. I was the second to do it. I refused to give him any information. I felt like I was protecting Izzy from a contested adoption. I don't believe he had money to fight, and I am sure if he did he could have done it without me giving any information.
Well anyways I felt like that little girl maybe could have been my daughters fate. I wouldn't want that for her. I will be honest way back then. I wouldn't have card on how the adoptive parents felt. I thought all adoptive parents were evil and I wouldn't care if anyone was hurt. I did it to protect my child. I have grown a lot in the last few years and I now do care how adoptive parents feel. I care how every one feels. I think the families in the story should just get one big house and love the girl. Just kidding. There isn't any easy answers. Someone needs to just give up. Let the girl be. She has changed hands three times now.

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Leaning on Him said...

That story about the girl is sad. Very sad.

I just wanted to let you know (even though I'll blog about it soon) that Olivia just loves the scrapbook I made her for her bday. When I saw her this weekend she said she looks at it several times a day! Before school and afterwards and again later. And I also included pics of the animals that I've loved thru the years and I think she likes that too. Whatever you decide to put in there will be treasured, I'm sure!