Saturday, February 7, 2009

Again this isn't adoption related, but here it goes. This has been a terrible week. We are a two car household and both of us need a car to work. My husband's car broke down. It's the transmission. There isn't any point in fixing it. We were messing around with the broke car and deciding what to do do next. The people who knew we adopted a rabbit a week ago, called us and asked if we would consider adopting two rabbit boys who live together.
We agreed we would adopt them if they could help us with a cage for them. So we go to the shelter and we just had to look to see if my sisters dog was at the pound. She was there and I felt so bad for her. I felt like it was partly my fault, because we were babysitting her dog for two weeks, and just couldn't help anymore. My sister did all she could to find her a home, but nothing worked out. My sister is young and learned a hard lesson. She was afraid that they might of put her dog to sleep. So I called my sister to let her know that her dog was put up for adoption. I just feel so bad.
It doesn't help that I already am so so sad over my car. It was my first car. I didn't drive till later in age, and it's the first car that I owned and paid for all on my own.
When we went to get the bunnies, they towed the car. Then to make matters worse we can't find the title. So they had to get the big rig with fork lift things and bring our car back out front. Not only do we not get the money for the car, but I had to see them carry my car around like a rag doll.
My new bunnies are great though. They are a older pair and one of them is really a big boy. They seemed like they were well taken care of. Now we have four bunnies. Well enough for now.

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