Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am very happy today. My sister copied pictures that my Mom gave her permission. I am going to post two pictures of me and one of my daughter when she was young. It was the last one I received. I will delete the post after a few days to keep my privacy. I will be adding these and a couple others for my scrap book. these are just pictures of pictures. The one with the curly hair my Mom said to my sister that when I was that way that a lady actully told her she could put her doll on the table, and my sister said that her boss asked her why she was making copies of a doll.

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Third Mom said...

The resemblance is unmistakable!

A thought about privacy: Don't delete the post, which will stay as-is in the internet cache for a long time. Intead, delete the content of the post and replace it with something else, even something like "Content deleted by author." The original post will be overwritten by the new one in the cache. Can't remember where I heard that, but it seems to be true.