Friday, February 6, 2009

This isn't really adoption related but it's something that is bugging me a little. My husband's birthday is coming up and he wanted to go to a comedy show. His son offers to get two tickets and they could go. My husband said, he told them what about my wife and your love? So they decided they would go on there own, and I told my husband he is more than welcome to go places with his kids without me. He has two kids from his first marriage.
So today his son sends a text message and says I got the tickets for comedy. It's not just the two of them anymore. It's both of his kids and their boyfriends. So now that everyone is included, but me it feels a little personal. Why does both of his kids get to bring boyfriends, but the birthday person can't bring his wife?
I will have kids and most likely it would have been a challenge to go, but it bugs me a little bit that they don't even think about me, or what their Dad's wishes might be.

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Leaning on Him said...

gosh, I would be upset too. I can't even imagine not being included in my husband's bday celebration. sorry!
Makes me think of a picture of my husband and his WHOLE family on our wedding day except his bride, me, was missing from it (and nobody thought to come get me)! The picture was blown up to an 8x10 and I found it in a frame at his parents' house. Needless to say, I was very upset. He told them for me (that I was upset) and I haven't seen the picture since!
Sorry I'm rambling, guess I was just trying to empathize!!!