Friday, February 27, 2009

Yesterday, the new phone books came out. Normally this isn't even thought of, but it was different. After I sent the first letter, I wondered would they make their home address and number unlisted. So I checked and they are still in the book. I must not have freaked them out too bad, but then again maybe they thought the damage was already done.
I went ahead and risked a conversation with my sister over my issues that I have been having with my husband. She didn't see where he was coming from. She asked me if I ever received an answer from them. See if I don't bring it up, then she won't. It's okay with me, at least I can bring it up to her. She agrees with writing again, because of not getting a answer to them.

To answer Andrew's Daddies question... Yes I did meet and talk to them. I met them in the hospital. Then I seen them at the court house. Izzy's Dad made a big impression on me, because he hugged me when I was crying, because no one else did. Maybe he was hugging me out of being happy that he was gonna be a Dad, but my heart tells me different. That moment has given me hope that she has a wonderful Dad. In the hospital stay, I am about 90% sure that they promised pictures. I know they told me that she would know that she was adopted and that if she wants me to meet me she can. I am not sure I trust the statement that they would let her know me if she wants. The last time I spoke or talked to them, was when Izzy was still under 6 months old, my aunt took me to bingo and they walked right past us. It was a very weird moment.

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Andrew's Daddies said...

WOW..that's intense...I am not sure what I would have done if I saw them unexpectedly. I think if you were promised pictures and Izzy is to know she was adopted, then definately keep writing. Keep writing until they finally break and respond.