Monday, February 23, 2009

description paper

I had to write a paper describing three items. I had to try really hard to keep a story line out of the paragraphs describing the object. I also has to keep it objective as much as possible. It had to be written in the 3rd person. I am only in English 101 so I need to learn more.

Description paper

A Polaroid shot, a 4 by 6 picture and a scrap book, are three items she keeps close to her heart. She became a Mother, at a young age, to a baby girl. She was only allowed to be her parent for the first day of her life. She was coerced into believing adoption was the only answer. She went on with life. However she felt like part of her died, the pain of losing a child causes emotional pain, it makes her want to curl up and never wake up again. The baby has grown from being a baby, to a young child, to a teenager and now near legal age. The Polaroid shot, the 4 by 6 picture and the scrap book help the Mother feel a connection to the child she lost.

The Polaroid shot is an item that the she has kept for many years to help her remember her baby. The Mother is in a hospital gown and looks distraught. The baby girl’s hair is dark and full. She is wrapped in a blanket that was soft as a bunny’s tail. (simile) On the bottom of the Polaroid is the name Izzy and September 12, 1991 at 2:00 pm. The Polaroid is stored in the closet hidden away. It looks aged and has smudges on it. The Polaroid of herself and her baby helps keep the memories of being Mom to the baby fresh in her mind. It reminds her of the love, attachment, and warmth that she felt for Izzy as a baby (Rhetorical device love attachment and warmth)

Just like the Polaroid, the 4 by 6 picture helps the mother feel connected to her lost

child, because she can see herself through her child’s eyes. The picture started off as a wallet size, so it is a little fuzzy. The picture is in a wooden frame in the hallway along with her other children’s pictures. The little girl has long dark hair like her Mother. She is wearing a flowered dress and her knees and legs are exposed. She appears to be a tall child. She is surrounded by trees in full summer bloom. The name Izzy is in bold print across her dress.

The scrap book is helping the mother feel connected to her lost child, because she is using the book tell the story of the Mother’s life to her girl. The scrap book is a 3 and half inch binder and is blue. There are 25 pages of memories of the Mother’s life that she has compiled. The pages are 8 inches by 11 inches. It is an assortment of white and colored pages; some of them have pictures of the Mother and other people that are important to her. A few of the pages are just a form of art to express her thoughts and some have letters written to the girl. The book is wrapped in plastic to protect it and so is each individual page. Of all the pictures in the book, not even one is of the girl. What a wonderful world I live in. When the scrap book pages get turned, it sounds very similar to the sounds of a photo album. Ironia ( Of all the pictures, in the book, not even one is of the girl. What a wonderful world I live in.

The Polaroid, the 4 by six picture and the scrap book does not hold any significance to most people, but for the Mother they are an important part of her history. They help the Mother remember the child who grew up without her. All three items enable the Mother to feel a special connection to the girl. Her biggest dream is to meet her, show her the two pictures and give her the scrapbook of memories to keep. She hopes she can tell her that she was never forgotten. Most people do not understand how she can truly love this child that she did not raise, but her answer is how can she not love her? She loved her from the start and separating the two of them did not end their connection. If anything good comes out of their separation, it might just be that it will intensify their bond, love and connection that they have for one another.

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