Thursday, August 16, 2012

My husband met his father after not seeing him for over 20 years. I don't know the exact time frame. Facebook brought him back into the family fold with everyone and I won't give too much of my husband's details of the meetings because one it's not my story and two I wasn't there for it.

He met his fathers's adoptive daughter too. The adopting children from from another country was/is a sore spot for my husband because his father wasn't there for him and his sister. This has nothing to do with the children themselves.

What I do want to share is when I met with Izzy and I was talking to her about the adopted daughter she went right to the sister thing. So, it's "sister" I breifly said he doesn't quite see it that way and she said it again as it's his "sister" as it's a fact.

This is something I am on the fence with because their isn't any blood relation but I know with adoption adoptees are not used to defining family by blood. I didn't go into talking further with this but I could have said something to the extent that Izzy is a sister to her brother because not only was they raised by the same parents but at the same time.

I couldn't see myseelf verbally saying that because going by the statement by sons are not her brothers but they are because of the blood connection. But blood isn't enough to give you that feeling of always knowing that you had those brothers and blood isn't going to put fake memories in to make those connections to hold them together as a family.

I am suppose to meet my husband's father tonight after work. I am kind of excited about it because at times I have felt like his children have excluded me. The ex wife was invited!! lol

I had to sit back and say it wasn't personal and the ex wife knew him and think back to my reunion with my daughter I didn't take a huge crowd of people with me but then they did. I didn't really agree that any of them should have met the father face to face without my husband and his father doing that on their own. However, he lives out of town so that creates issues with trying to do things the slow way.

Only time will tell where life will take them. I hope none of my husband's family takes offence to me writing about this stuff but when it comes to reunion it's not something I can leave alone.

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