Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I have been taking my son to counseling bi weekly to work thru some of his issues that come from his disabiltiy and he was telling me how he told her how my grand daughter (his neice) was hanging in his room after he cleaned it. He is 12 just for the record.

He said she was confused how the baby was related to him. I guess he told her that her Mom is related to him but not her dad. Basically the baby's Mom is his step sister.

Stephen then says how come you gave Izzy away? I briefly said I didn't have a choice and did what my Mom made me do. I hate conversations like this. Ugh.

He then said, if you hadn't given her away I would have had a full sister. I said, "she would have still been an half sister to you.

What I think he was getting at in his own way was if you hadn't given her away I would have a real sister at home. I know people don't like the term "real" cause oppisite of real is "fake" But I just can't think of another term for the moment.

I think he knows the difference between what it might mean to have Izzy at home as a sister compared to having Izzy as a sister in the far distant.

It's not the same. Izzy doesn't treat him like she does the brother she grew up with. I won't pretend it's the same.

It's been heavy on my heart today.

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Susie said...

Yes, it does weigh heavy on the heart when seeing our raised kids hurt from adoption loss too.

I'm sorry...