Sunday, August 12, 2012

Izzy is friends on facebook with a couple of my fellow adoptees that write a blog. I admit that I gave her name to be able to show off her picture and one friended her on accident and told me about it and the other one I suggested she friend her.

Well one of the bloggers posted something about an adoptee advocate thing about not not being a secret ect. I don't recall what all it said.

I noticed Izzy shared the photo and said she likes it since she is adopted herself. The thing did mention something about adoptees and how they are the only one knows what's it's like to be adopted.

I found it interesting that a few of her friends commented on there because they didn't know she was adopted. It never occured to me that most people wouldn't know that about her.

Another thing that made me go hmmm is what is it like for her being adopted? Did she post that just cause she can relate to being adopted or can she relate to a lot of the fellow adoptees. She has never really given me reason to believe that she was bothered by adoption. I always got the imrpession that to her it was just a fact. Just a way of how she came into her family.

Edit: I think the can she relate to being adopted came out wrong. Duh. She is adopted or was adopted. However, ya want to call it. I just wonder if she can relate to any of the feelings of loss of birth family? Or the seeing people and go hmmm could I be related to them? Or the feelings of feeling like she should be grateful? Or the feeling like she don't quite fit in? Or the unfairness in the OBC not being available to her? Or the feeling of the loss of her first name she was born as?

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