Saturday, August 25, 2012

Decisions about upcoming changes

I am due our normal child support on this coming Monday and I just knew we wouldn't get it. I saved a little bit of the last check to use for supplies knowing that after paying for uniforms off of layaway that I wouldn't want the supplies coming out of my checking account.

I believe we have the majority of the things but probably need to double check. My son's father bought him a new pair of shoes and sent somethings home but there is the issue of being the wrong type of paper and pencils but it's the thought that counts.

My children's father has been going thru some hard times. There electric and gas was shut off and still is off at the moment. They claim it will be back on within the week or so and I didn't ask how they are managing it. They have been staying with his Mom due to his power being off.

This is the first weekend in a month that Stephen is spending the whole weekend with them. I was concerned about sleeping arrangements but decided not to push the issue of not sending him due to it really messing with Stephen's routine when things don't go as planned.

My ex husband told me he is going back to work within a few days cause school is starting up again. However, that first check won't cover the support payment.

He told me how in three weeks he is going to truck driving school and should be able to pay support once checks get rolling in again.

He told me he will be gone about 3 weeks at a time and home for about four days. This is going to mess with his visitations with my kids. They are offering for Stephen to still spend every other weekend at his place with his wife.

We are kind of unsure about this idea. Visition is for my children to see their father and it's really not about her even though she is there and is legally his stepmother.

I don't know to give my son the choice or not. I personally miss him while he is gone but the break is nice too. I know my husband misses him too but probably enjoys the 2 day break every other week more than me because he isn't working outside of the home.

My ex husband was really cool about the situation. He admitted to not paying child support and said that he will pay back support and he mentioned how when Alex is 18 he will drop off of it and I agreed but admitted to not knowing if it did it on it's own. He said he would give me the info to get the payments taken out from his new job and we would even go back to court to get the amount changed. I believe he was hinting that he would be earning more money compared to his school bus job.

More money would be good cause lately I have been seeming to need quite a bit days off. Some has been for fun but others have been for something that I needed to do.

Next month, I am going to workshop on behaviors in autistic children and hope to take home some ideas from it.

October, I go on my retreat for Mom's with special needs. I am looking forward to it.

My ex husband has been really cool and friendly. Hope this isn't the calm before the storm. haha. He was even nice to my current husband tonight. Scary!

I wonder if getting his electric and gas shut off was sort of like hitting rock bottom. I don't blame him for taking a truck driving job but I do wonder if he is cut out for it.

My Dad drove a truck for a long time over the road and thinks it's a bad idea. My current husband spent about 3 or 4 years driving a truck when his kids were younger. He quit because he didn't know where their school was located.

I sort of think it's a good move. Both him and his wife work for the schools transporting children to school so the problem they ran into being out of income will just repeat itself. I suppose the thing to do would have been to save money but that's easier said than done.

One last quick thing to blog about. Alex has been on his job for about a month now. It maybe even six weeks. We have had to put our foot down and make him stay home some night cause he wants to hang with friends even though he has to work at 7 am.

We are going to start charging him rent very soon. My husband suggested an dollar for every other he works and I agree with that. It would most likely add up to 15 to 20 dollars a week.

We on a few different times have woke up to discover he isn't waking on his own and now my husband feels like he has to wake him up. I sort of just tonight came up with the idea if we have to wake him up for him to get to work then he pays us 5 dollars per wake up.

Or if he doesn't want to pay five dollars he can join Stephen at the Y and be his fitness guy for the day. Whatever we do I want it to be something that will make him go damn.. I got to get myself up. Any ideas?

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