Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's been about a week and half since my husband met his father since they last seen each other over 20 years ago. My biggest concern over him coming into my husband's life was wondering if he did it for the wrong reasons.

I feel like he was slightly pushed and encouraged by his children and by myself too. To me it didn't matter that he wasn't there for his kids.. I thought he should get the chance to know what had come of his son and his children.

I didn't want my husband to have any regrets for not ever seeing his father face to face so that was another reason of mine.

As far as I know my husband hasn't heard from his Dad since he returned home. I am not sure if that is something my husband desires or not. Only he can really answer to that.

I hope his father takes his second chance and runs with it. I don't mean run and not come back but see what sort of relationship he can have going forward. Or maybe, it was just his desire to see his children and their children for his own piece of mind and doesn't know where or how to fit in.

I really can relate to that. How does one just step into a family unit and make up for lost time. It's called walking on egg shells and putting two feet forward and one foot back. It's looking up to the sky and dreaming on a shooting star. It's called falling down and brushing the dirt off of your knees and get back up and try try again.

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