Friday, August 24, 2012

Almost time for school

Today, was my last free day with Stephen. We went to get his school uniforms off layaway and got his school supplies for the 7th grade.

A shopping network was giving a free bracelet away in a raffle and selling 5 peices of jewely for 60 bucks but only to three people. Guess who's hand flew up to buy one? Yep. You guessed I did it. It wasn't the smartest thing I have done due to money being tight. Opps.. I needed something shiny to go with my smaller clothes lol

I have mixed emotions about school starting again. I hope this school year is different. We started him on add medication and have mixed feelings about it. It's only been a few days and we notice some sleeping troubles. However, his mood seems more stable but we do get those moments in between the fits.

I bought two cook books off of my kindle. One is for crockpots and one is for casseroles. My goal is to try a meal from each book once a week and take some of the pressure off of cooking for my husband.

My biggest fear about school is the loads of stress over homework and my second fear is that I won't have time to keep up with zumba.

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