Monday, March 5, 2012

When I get it into my head to do something with my children I don't tell them ahead of time. This could be something simple and cheap or like today a movie. I knew the kids would be out of school and we still are doing well because of the tax refund that gave us a soft cushion. We don't have tons of cash still but our bills are paid.

Going to the movies is a real treat for my family. It's expensive and we don't do it often. Truth be told, I want to see the Vow and had plans to ask my friend to go with me to watch it. That was before I realized that there wasn't school today.

It was also before my son got into trouble.

I only took Stephen to the movie. It may seem like I made up the movie plans to punish my son but honestly I was already planning it. I just don't tell my children ahead of time in case plans change.

Alex took being left home in strides. He has spent most of the day wanting his little brother to hang with him.

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