Friday, March 16, 2012

nail polish

I blogged about a no chip nail polish. I wanted to write about it real quick cause someone asked me the same of it. It's called Shellac. It's a 3 part deal. A clear undercoat. The nail color of your choice. However, they only seem to have about 6 to 8 colors to choose from. then, they do a top coat.

I did it again today. The polish didn't chip but my nails had grown out and a few of them broke to make them look bad.

One downside besides the lack of colors is that it's hard to get the polish off. He had me soak my hands in finger nail polish remover and kind of scraped it off with his finger nails. Also, since it is a little pricey I can't imagine that most people want change the colors often.

I personally want pretty nails and don't want to run to the nail salon too often so as long as this polish keeps true to it's word then I am hooked.

My husband suggested a french manicure sometime ya know where it's clear nails and pink tips. Does any know if you can pull that off if your nails are short. Mine don't grow very well. I did notice that I went longer without broken nails.

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Jenn said...

I have short nails do I get French manicures because it makes them look longer. It's more expensive though so I don't get mine done very often...