Monday, March 19, 2012

My son takes two more parts of the GED tests. I am holding back my speech about what does he think he is going to do after the GED until he has the GED. He takes the writing part tomorrow and that will be interesting since even in this new school he blew that part of his school work off and didn't get along with the teacher. The man is skinny and he went as far as telling him he looks like his skinny Grandma. There are something that you shouldn't tell a teacher and if your teacher is a man that is probably one of them. The man is ugly skinny sort of like my Mom but that's a no no.

I took my son to do his weekly grocery shopping with ten bucks so we will see how he will do.

He bought a 12 pack of soda. He was going to pay over 3 for a bag of cheetos but I showed him the sign that he can get two bags for three dollars and he got a container of ice cream.

Maybe, next week I will drive him up to our local Aldi"s because ten dollars could go so much further.

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