Saturday, March 17, 2012

Donation of baby supplies

I couldn't find a used diaper bag and I couldn't justify buying a brand new one for MELD and the things to go in it. I just decided to forget the fill a diaper bag idea and just donate items to MELD. I added about ten bucks to the money that was donated to MELD thru my blog.

I am giving them

A package of new born diapers
baby wipes
baby soap
a tiny baby bottle
baby brush and comb set
2 pack of body suites otherwise known as onsies.
one new born sleeper
one 3 to 6 month summer/spring type outfit.
one 2 t outfit or pj's (looks like it could go either way. It would amaze me if a 2 year old could actually wear it. I wish I could have done more but there is always other times for that.

Currently, we are on a break from group and I signed up again and most likely I will continue to show every other week. It works out best for me. I get to the Y two to three times a week. Also, on most weeks I get a day out with a friend. Don't forget sometimes taking it easy at home with my husband.

Sorry this post is kind of late. My computer doesn't work for the chip and I have to ask to use my husbands.

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