Tuesday, March 6, 2012

child support update

2 weeks after one pay day and about 4 days after the next pay day I finally got the child support card with the 2 week balance on there. I was happy to see it and know that most likely we can count of that money for a while for the children's needs.

I took Stephen to buy shoes and he was pushing hard to get a 70 dollar pay of Nikes but that was about 20 more than I wanted to spend. Last tax time his Dad bought him Nikes and he was fixated on getting Nikes again. He picked a 30 dollar pair of shoes and I was glad because Alex would have gotten really jealous if he got a pricey pair of Nikes and we made him get shoes that would be acceptable for a job should get get one.

We been having a hard time finding Stephen clothes at home. Don't ask me where they go. Maybe, slowly, I throw them out if they get stains but anyways I told my husband maybe tomorrow he can take him to get a couple shirts. He doesn't need too many street clothes cause he has uniforms for school. Alex pipes up that he needs clothes and I asked what happened to the clothes that your Dad bought you right before you moved in. He said, "you mean the clothes that were too small"? Oh that's right I forgot about how they put clothes on layaway and picked them up and didn't return clothes that were too small. That is just the kind of people we are dealing with. Children need the push to make the right choices for clothes ect.

By the way, my kids don't know anything about child support. Well, my oldest isn't dumb and knows his Dad has to pay but it was never told to them that we can't afford this or that cause your Dad didn't pay. Or you can get this or that cause your Dad paid. That may or may not be right but it's how I think is the right way to handle child support.

Even though, I can perfectly be allowed to spend child support on bills, food or housing. I do kind of feel like I want to make sure that I do pay special attention and buy things the children need. I wouldn't want them to go to their Dad's and for him to think geeze what am I paying for?

My husband thinks that buying things for the 17 year old is limited. Not to say that we won't get him clothes or things he needs but what we buy will most likely be things he will need to replace because he wore them out compared to growing up taller compared to our little guy. I see his point but if all possible I think if my children had needs that even past 18 I would try to help them. Not that I would let myself be walked on and go without if they are being lazy bums but if they were trying to be a responsible person.

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